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Welcome to the Groundling List, a database of early English language plays and playwrights written or published before the year 1700. This list is a work in progress, and we are actively working to complete and correct the entries to create as comprehensive as possible a resource for students of the early English drama.

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The following designations and abbreviations are used in this list:

  • Attributed to or attr.: Used when a play was originally published anonymously or under another writer’s name, but modern scholarship has made a confident attribution of authorship.
  • Sometimes attributed to or sometimes attr.: Used when an attribution of authorship has been made, but is regarded as incorrect or uncertain by modern scholarship.
  • Translated by or trans.: Indicates a dramatic work translated into English from another language.


A few of the more important sources used to compile this list include:

  • Walter Wilson Greg, A List of English Plays Written Before 1643 And Printed Before 1700. London, 1900.
  • James O. Halliwell, A Dictionary of Old English Plays, Existing Either in Print or in Manuscript, From the Earliest Times to the Close of the Seventeenth Century. London, 1860.

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