The Groundling List

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Aphra Behn

Elizabeth Carey

  • Mariam

Jane Cavendish

  • The Concealed Fancies with Elizabeth Egerton

Margaret Cavendish

  • The Apocryphal Ladies
  • Bell in Campo, Part One
  • Bell in Campo, Part Two
  • The Blazing World with Thomas Heywood
  • Bridals
  • The Comical Hash
  • The Convent of Pleasure

Elizabeth Egerton

  • The Concealed Fancies with Jane Cavendish

Katherine Philips

Mary Pix

  • The Beau Defeated

Mary Sidney

  • Antonius trans.
  • A Discourse of Life and Death trans.

Catharine Trotter

  • Agnes de Castro

Mary Wroth

  • Love's Victory