Caesar and Pompey Part One

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an anonymous play

About the Play

This lost play, one of several on the subject of Caesar and Pompey, is attested only in Henslowe's Diaries. Its popular success led to the publication and performance of a sequel in 1595.

Caesar and Pompey was a popular subject, and a popular title, for early English playwrights; for a complete list of plays published or attested to on the subject of Pompey and his war against Caesar, see the entry for Caesar and Pompey (1607).

References from Secondary Sources

  • James O. Halliwell, A Dictionary of Old English Plays (1860)

    CESAR AND POMPEY. The Tragedy of Caesar and Pompey; or Caesar's Revenge. Acted by the Students of Trinity College, in Oxford. 4to. 1607. Of this play there is, in the collection of the Duke of Devonshire, another edition, apparently an earlier one, without a date, and with no mention of its having been acted by the students of Trinity College. There was also a very ancient play on this subject, entitled, the History of Caesar and Pompey, exhibited before 15S0. See Gosson's School of Abuse. A new play, under the same title, was produced by Henslowe's company in 1594, and a second part in the following year.

  • William Carew Hazlitt, The Play-Collector's Manual (1892)

    Caesar and Pompey: A play, in two parts, acted at the Rose Theatre in 1594-5.

  • Philip Henslowe, Henslowe's Diary (1904)

    ye 8 of novembȝ 1594, ne, Rd at seser & pompie iij li ij s

    ye 14 of novembȝ 1594, ne, Rd at sesor & pompie xxx s

    ye 25 of novembȝ 1594, ne, Rd at seser & pompey xxxij s

    ye 10 of desembȝ 1594, Rd at seser xij s

    ye 18 of Jenewary 1594, Rd at seaser xxv s

    ye j of febreary 1594, Rd at seaser xxiiij s

    ye 6 of marche 1594, Rd at seaser xx s

    ye 25 of June 1595, Rd at the j pte of seaser xxij s

    The last performance, on June 25, 1595, was followed on the 26th by the second performance of Part Two.